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New Beginnings and Team 20

April 26, 2019

Have you ever been so excited you just kinda forgot to think through what you were starting? Yeah, that was me the entire year of 2018, up until now. A part of my goals for 2019 is to get organized and know what I’m doing before I start doing it! *Clarity* You will hear that word from me a lot this year.

When I launched the senior program last year, I didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself into and boy was I in for a surprise! I learned quite a few things alongside a group of FABULOUS young women and I have had a blast working with them so far! I’ve had so much fun working with them that I wanted to do another program this year, which I launched right after Thanksgiving. That was one of the many things I just started doing before I sat down to think about and as a result, there was a bit of miscommunication between the program and my clients! I had it centered all around high-fashion photoshoots and I have to be honest, my clients are not the high-fashionistas this program was targeting. My clients are the young women who want to be equipped with certain life skills before they go onto their next life chapter.



Your senior year is about so much more than just taking photos for those giant yearbook albums the school puts on display in the hall way, your senior year is about an EXPERIENCE, it is about learning how to adult, and preparing yourself for life after Higgh School. There are a million ways to get the best experience out of your high school career and this experience I am offering is for the girls that want to learn more about themselves, it is for the girls that don’t have all the self-love practices down, it is for the girls that want to be different from everyone else and it is for the girls that want to learn more about “life after high school”. These girls are my people!



Instead of having high-fashion photoshoots, I am offering limited memberships teaching young women to be comfortable in their own skin, how to be self-sustainable, and that their worth is not defined by someone else’s opinion. What makes the membership so different is the classes offered to the members: self-defense classes, yoga classes, self-love classes, makeup artistry classes, relationship building activities, professional development classes (ie: how to dress for an interview, how to write a killer resume, etc.), and cooking classes. I am also introducing a scholarship opportunity for my members. There will still be photoshoots, but your senior year is about so much more than just photoshoots.



Want to learn even more? Go to my personal calendar click on the “2020 Membership” button to schedule a video chat with yours truly to meet me and ask me all the questions you want answered. *Disclaimer: This does not opt you into any newsletters or promotional email campaigns, this is ONLY for membership information purposes. If you wish to sign up for the monthly newsletter, please go to my home page to join the mailing list.



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