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Sweet Summer Time

April 26, 2019

YOU GUYS!!!! I cannot contain the excitement I have for this third session I just hosted with my models. Ugh, from the makeup to the location and the sunlight, everything about it was absolutely PERFECT!!! I have gotten to know these girls so well in such a short amount of time and I am so incredibly thankful for them and this session here was just magical.

Each one of the headbands I designed was thought out and drawn on paper with each girl in mind prior to being put together. The outfits were also hand-picked prior to the session just to make sure everything flowed together well and you’ll see in the pictures down below that everything turned out perfect. The lake falls weren’t running, but it was still a beautiful location complete with cat-tail, trees, native Osage grass, and a golden sunset.

Courttni being so bright and vivacious, the monarch butterflies were an instant match. I for sure wanted them to look like they were really fluttering around her so I spaced them far apart enough I was able to continue manipulating them throughout the evening.

Ashlynn is my Amarillo beauty and her smile just glows like the sun so I designed her sunflower crown to match her sunny outlook and it had to be simple and sweet.

Shiloh is strong and steady much like lavender that returns stronger with each season – the lavender was chosen especially to enhance her vibrant blue eyes and she’s also a dreamer so I had to include a bit of wishes in her crown, hence the dandelion fluff holding the lavender stems together.

Hanna is the perfect mix of a dreamer, beauty, and she is my flower child through and through. Her crown was a simple braided jute band with a small pop of every bright colored flower I could get my hands on. I didn’t want to overpower her beauty with a large crown, so the small side piece was perfect – it also had a vintage ‘20s vibe that matched very well with her outfit!

If you have been following me for a while on social media, you would know I have a thing for fluffy skirts and have made one in the past for a previous client..and I decided this session wouldn’t be complete without this super cute tulle skirt! I kept the creamy tulle knee length added a pop of peach color with flowers hand-tied into the sections and paired it with a simple chambray top to contrast.

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