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What is an MHeart Model?

April 26, 2019

So with all this talk about being a MHeart Model, you’re probably wondering who is a MHeart Model and what do they do? MHeart Models are the senior face of MHeart Artistry&Studios and they are invited to participate in the group sessions when they purchase their senior portrait session. Think of this as being bumped up from coach to first class.

What are the perks of being a MHeart Model?

Every model is given priority scheduling for their individual portrait session, they will be styled to the NINES (think America’s Next Top Model level styling), and they will be featured in the art show at the end of 2019 to show off all the hard work that has been done. Each model is given their very own customized phone app to show all their friends what they have been up to. And each model is given gift certificates to purchase albums, canvas, framed prints, etc.

What is the MHeart Model Team?

The model team is so much more than just a chance to have your senior portraits taken, it is really about finding your confidence to take on the world and setting a positive example. You will spend so much time with this fantastic group of girls just pouring love into one another, building a sisterhood that is nothing but support and encouragement.

Have you submitted your email yet?

The applications will be LIVE for a select few members on November 23rd and we are only accepting 15 models so get on the VIP list today and get your application before everyone else!




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