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Chatauqua County Country Senior Session with Martha

August 14, 2019

Chautauqua County Senior Session with Martha Sanders

This country senior portrait session in Chautauqua County has all the country girl vibes you’ve been dreaming of! Martha is an outstanding young lady and we had a blast touring the beautiful countryside with her best friend and fellow Team20Member Brenna. I cannot thank Brenna enough for her help with hair and makeup and for getting to know her better!

Martha has impeccable boho chic style and we put together the perfect outfits+accessories that would have Kacey Musgraves wishing she had a fashion consultant before her senior session like me! Most of Martha’s jewelry is turquoise which is the fastest way to my heart! We actually spent most of our fashion consultation talking about, looking at and trading turquoise jewelry!


Martha overcame bullying by building her relationship with God and never letting anyone’s opinion define her. Reading the bible has completely changed her life and she is looking forward to what God brings her after high school. While her plans of going to Stillwater for immediate work may be considered “non traditional”, I think they are perfect and keeping her true to herself! I love seeing a senior who is strong enough to know college is not the right path for her to go down.

Martha considers herself a fun, wild and free young woman who looks up to her grandmother for always being true to herself. Her advice to incoming freshmen? “Boys are dumb, don’t fall for their tricks. But in all seriousness, people can be mean and say mean things and when you mess up just remember you aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. We all do dumb stuff our freshman and sophomore years. After that, you still do dumb things, just not as dumb.”


We spent the afternoon exploring Chautauqua County, first at the Arch Railroad crossing near Hewins, the Sanders’ family hayfield, and Butcher Falls. During our fashion consultation, we made sure to match the outfits to her vibe and the locations we picked out together and I have to admit, it was perfectly planned! Martha definitely channeled Kacey Musgraves, sunflowers, and Megan Fox. The session ended back at the family ranch with her horses watching peacefully from afar.





Hair&Makeup: Brenna Beasley of Beauty by Brenna B.



Interested in having your senior session with me in or around Chautauqua County? Reach out anytime via text: (918)604-1077 or snapchat: mollawson01 to schedule your individual session!



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