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Beauty Project in Osage County

February 17, 2020

National Teen Self-Esteem Month

We are incredibly proud to announce we have partnered with the organization National Teen Self-Esteem Month to bring attention to the high need for teens having a healthy outlook on themselves and working together to finding better ways of support. This project is very similar to the beauty project in that it is a no makeup look to promote confidence in natural beauty but the similarities end there. We will be spending the whole day together; you, your inspiration, and myself to share certain pains, learning how to grow from this pain and sharing the similarities between ourselves and flowers.

Wild Flowers and Growth from Adversity

What do flowers and growth have in common? On the outside, probably not much but once we dive deep it becomes very clear how closely linked each one is. Growth in life is a given, there will be growth from adversity no matter how hard you try to avoid it very much like the wildflowers you see growing on the side of the road, in your yard, and in the pastures of Osage County. We each grow from adversity and pain and that growth is what turns into admirable beauty and strength. Like people, each wild flower is different and has a different growing stage, but at the end of the season the flower is still admired for its strength, perseverance and bravery for the growth it went through.


Each person is unique, strong, brave and beautiful in our own way no matter what stigma stands in our way, regardless of how unattainable beauty standards get, in spite of that bully, and I’m helping you tell YOUR story. I’m sharing that you are worth more, teaching self love practices and inspiring young men and women to know their worth. We are bringing teens and adults together to raise the necessary awareness and work together.



May has been declared as National Teen Self-Esteem Month so May 3rd is the scheduled date for be_YOU_tiful and will be held in Shidler, Oklahoma. All Team21 members will participate as well as anyone else who would like to make a positive impact on their community.

Please call Molly for more information: (918)604-1077



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