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Gear I Cannot Go Without!

February 17, 2020

I have been stocking up and adding to my field kit before senior season kicks off so I’ll be prepared BEFORE the scheduled madness begins. I always have it in the back of my car and NEVER go to a session without it! I did this one time and I’ll never do it again, the mosquito and chigger bites the next day were unbearable and the editing pain of removing all the lint and flyaway hair is still pretty fresh in my mind.

  1. Hairspray: keep flyaway hairs tamed! Calm
  2. Bug spray: nobody likes mosquito or tick bites or pesky chiggers..and here in Osage County, they’re vicious! They have no mercy and will eat you alive.
  3.  Sunscreen: because sunburns aren’t fun either
  4.  Lip Gloss: if your lipstick wears off, a layer of gloss is the way to go
  5. Bobby pins: pinning your hair back is the easiest way to update your look with an outfit change
  6. Hair ties: ^^^^ same with a braid, or a quick ponytail or a bun.
  7. Q-tips: it’s hot and makeup runs
  8. Hair brush: did I mention flyaway hairs or updating your look?
  9. Mirror: hello makeup touchups
  10. Tweezers: splinters, stray eyebrow hairs, I just like to be prepared for anything
  11. Nail clippers: I haven’t had to use these yet, but just in case….
  12. Blotting sheets: oil, sweat, shine….no thanks!
  13. Lint roller: I’ve been known to make my seniors sit in the grass and a lint roller is the fastest way to get that grass off your clothing
  14. Fashion tape: wardrobe malfunctions aren’t cool, not even when you’re Beyoncé
  15. Nail polish remover: when your nail polish gets chipped, I’m prepared
  16. Neutral nail polish: I’ll even paint your nails a neutral color
  17. Makeup wipes: at the end of a session, I will ask my girls to go all natural for some natural beauty shots (Moms love these shots BTW)
  18. Scissors: I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of things scissors have been handy to have! Picking flowers and fixing garments are the most common though
  19. Lotion: this lotion also swears to keep the bugs at bay, we haven’t had mosquito bites yet so one of the two definitely is working
  20. Small sewing repair kit: hey, if it needs a quick stitch up I’ve got your back!

I also bring along my reflector to get perfect lighting, a pop up changing tent so you aren’t changing in the back of your car and a step stool because I’m short as heck and need the extra height sometimes.

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