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A senior portrait photography studio devoted to helping young women follow their dreams and build their self confidence, all while giving back to our community.

We are a boutique senior portrait photography studio serving Osage County, north central Oklahoma and south central Kansas. We offer fashion photoshoots, hair and makeup styling, and home installation of our heirloom quality products. Every year we donate portions of our profits to a local Christian summer camp ranch. Our purpose is to help young women go confidently in the direction of their dreams.



MHeart Artistry & Studios

01. How it all started

I'm the lady behind MHeart Artistry & Studios. I'm an Australian Shepherd dog mom, boy mom, and down to earth country girl who loves to empower young women. You'll generally find me with a half empty cup of cold coffee, surrounded by my two boys and my two Aussies. I love red lipstick (I have just about every shade of red possible), watching the sunset from my front porch, taking long naps in the warm sun, and ALL the dogs.

I'm molly

03. What's on My Playlist

04. What's mheartseniors '21

02. My passion


MHeart started with a necklace pendant my husband designed for me when we first started dating. I honestly can't imagine calling my business anything else. Kevin is my biggest support and I love being able to honor him through my business.

There's always at least 3 different books beside my bed that I'm reading and my desk is always cluttered. I definitely am not the "got her sh*t together" type and I'm often the odd-ball of the group!

About MHeart

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Time to be honest...I was the girl in high school that didn’t have a lot of self confidence. I didn’t have senior pictures taken and it’s always been a question the back of my mind, “If I had taken those photos, would things have been different?” Self-doubt is why it took me 12 years to finally follow my dreams. 

My passion...

My passion and my why are so connected, they’re pretty much the same. I believe life is about finding yourself and having the confidence to take on the world, all while setting a positive example. 

And this is where the magic happens. When I think of what I offer to my seniors, I am what I needed in high school. I’m here to help all the girls that are going through what I went through. I want to make girls see themselves the way the rest of the world sees them: strong, confident, and beautiful. Never underestimate the importance of a photo and how much the impact of a portrait hung in the house will have on your child's confidence, pride, and independence.

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What's currently on my playlist:

1. How Dare You Love - Miranda Lambert
2. Makin' Me Look Good Again - Drake White
3. All Your'n - Tyler Childers
4. Cowpoke - Colter Wall
5. The Daughters - Little Big Town

We’re country girls at heart...we love our dogs, our lipstick, and our music. What songs do you currently have on repeat? I love finding new music! Let's chat! →

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My main goal is for you to walk away from a portrait session with your head held high, and seeing yourself the way everyone else sees you. Each individual has unique qualities that no-one else has and this is why a portrait session with me isn't just your cookie-cutter average. I have created this full service experience to learn more about what makes you, YOU and to bring those qualities forward for the world to see.


1. The Experience

2. Your Gallery Reveal

3. FAQs


First, we'll start with a consultation where we design the session of your dreams - we talk locations, outfits, hair and makeup, inspirations. We're covering the who, what, when and where of "being a model for a day".

The day of your session begins with professional hair and makeup application and a favorite drink. From the urban streets to the country fields you'll hear nothing but love.  We'll talk accomplishments, goals, and where you see yourself in the future. We may get into some kind of shenanigan that is induced by clumsy me - like me falling into the water, or getting chased by a goose, or getting a truck stuck in a muddy field...but we always end on a high note with a photo of you and your most influential family member!


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"Molly did such a great job making sure I was comfortable

and making sure my pictures turned out to be perfect - which they did! It’s been almost a year, and I’m still absolutely in love with my pictures! Definitely recommend Molly to take anyone’s pictures."

- Jayme I.

Kind Words

"she is such a great and personable photographer

She makes you feel comfortable and takes amazing pictures! I never saw myself as pretty but she made me look and feel gorgeous during and after my session. To all my friends, I would say "BOOK MOLLY NOW!" She is amazing!!"

- Hanna S.

Kind Words

"It was the session of my dreams!

I really loved the way Molly truly cared about my opinion during my session. I loved the investment she placed in me and the way she made me feel confident through the entire experience.

- Shiloh M.

Kind Words

Thank you! 

We will be in touch with you shortly!

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