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A western heritage lifestyle artist devoted to promoting agriculture and the hard working way of life, all while giving back to our community.

I am a western heritage artist promoting agriculture by capturing the hard work that goes into feeding America. Having lived and worked on a cattle ranch my entire 30 years of life, I am proud to be serving Osage County, north central Oklahoma and south central Kansas ranches and farms. I offer ranch lifestyle shoots, and home installation of our heirloom quality products. Every year I donate portions of our profits to a local Christian summer camp ranch. My purpose is to help promote the back bone of America one ranch and farm at a time.

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MHeart Artistry & Studios

My main goal is to promote the hard work that goes into being the back bone of America, the beauty of working hard with your hands day in and day out, and to show the care and devotion that goes into working on a ranch or farm.


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First, we'll start with a consultation where we plan the day you want captured - we're covering the who, what, when and where of "day in the life of 'X'ranches".
My day starts the same time and place as everyone else. I arrive with my camera and my saddle (as needed) ready to go shadow the working for the day. I make sure to focus on the care that is used when handling your livestock, the hard work that is demanded and the toll it takes on our bodies. Likely, I will help push cattle around since I've been raised to never let someone outwork me and if you tell me to go ride the back that's where I'm headed.
My ultimate goal is to share your passion with everyone, that you aren't in this industry JUST for money, you chose ranching because you have passion for the land and the livestock you are raising to support the grocery chain of the world.


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the handmade art

When you commission MHeart Artistry&Studios to capture your ranch in action, the end result is museum quality, handmade art to enjoy in your home. This piece of art becomes furniture for the wall, displaying your values for the world to see. 

Why museum quality canvas? The difference you can see and feel. Just wait until you get your hands on one of these! Each museum quality piece is unique and handmade. What we are creating together is a piece of art that will become furniture for the wall. Museum canvas has the color and vibrancy of a photographic print. Mounted on linen canvas, stretched on solid wood, hand painted with acrylic and preserved for generations.

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